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Welcome to Sprogling Books. We are a publishing group specialising in the production of high quality illustrated children's books for the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Kindle (in particular the Kindle Fire) offers a fantastic platform to present the rich and vibrant world of picture books for children. Spogling's writers and illustrators are experts at using this medium to convey fun, laughter, meaningful messages and lasting memories to your little ones. Highly acclaimed by parents' in all their reviews, Sprogling's charming and original picture books for kids are certain to delight.

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Quick, easy and versatile

Sprogling's children's books can be downloaded to your Kindle or Kindle app for iPad, smartphone and other eReaders in under 60 seconds

Safety in numbers

Sprogling's children's books are priced very fairly (usually around the $2.99 mark), have been downloaded thousands of times and are always highly scored & reviewed

Guaranteed quality

The graphical elements of Sprogling's picture books are all of the highest quality and we use special KF8 formatting specificially designed for picture books on the Kindle Fire

About Sprogling's Children's Books

If you've been searching high and low for children's books online, then you've come to the right place. Sprogling writes, illustrates and publishes charming picture books for kids of all ages. Our children's books have delighted countless kids (and their parents!) the world over.

Here at Sprogling's children's books we believe that the best way to build a loyal following of happy kids and parents is by being known for quality of our material. We make every effort to get this point across which is why we are offering some free children's books. If you sign up to our mailing list (at the top right of the site or here) we will send you a link to download one of our best selling free kindle books for kids.

Never before has there been such a great opportunity to create great illustrated books for children. While many traditional publishers have embraced the revolution, many children's book publishers have been terribly slow and stuffy in response to the emerging and booming marketplace of digital books. Color eReaders and tablets (in particular the Kindle Fire) have enabled a medium in which to create amazingly rich, vibrant and exciting picture books for children. As the industry has been so slow to adapt, we thought why not do it ourselves!? All of Sprogling's books are written, illustrated, edited and marketed in-house. We constantly monitor sales, ratings and reviews of our children's Kindle books to help tweak and adapt all of our following releases. By keeping our finger on this digital pulse, we are able to quickly adapt and produce quality children's books that both kids and parents actually want to read. The reviews of our existing work speaks for itself.

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